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About resistance

To resist, is not to yield in front of a force. To resist, is therefore not always refusing. There is some form of resistance that subsists in a few works of mine. But this is not a rejection of the established system. It’s rather a question of appropriation before the notion of diversion. The best way to take a stand against the system’s dictation is to expose its loopholes, its flaws and to offer alternatives.

In electric physics, the alternating current, unlike the direct current, can vary in intensity and in tension through a transformer. I think Art as that transformer.

The resistants’ great strength is not to be naïve. Observe and understand the world to which we belong is the best solution to make it evolve. It is not counteracting frontally that force, but to avoid it by creating different solutions.

When I created the website KAPITAL¹, I do not refuse the Prix de Paris: I contribute to it heavily by denouncing the way it lays down the law for the institution of our school. I use the established system to exacerbate its paradoxes.

It’s a resistance in the electric sense of the word: an element in which all the energy brought into play is converted into heat.